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Frequently Asked Questions, answered

Do you change batteries, sell watch bands, and/or repair watches?

- Yes, yes, and when the stars are aligned.

Do I need to make an appointment, or can I just come in?

- No appointment is necessary, just waltz on in and we will take care of your watch needs.

Can I wait for my battery change, or do I have to come back later?

- We've had someone time us at 20 seconds for a watch battery change; it may take longer, but probably not more than 10 minutes. We do have some chairs you can sit in while you wait, and we've been told they're comfy.

My watch dial says it is water resistant to 6 bazillion meters. What is your warranty against water incursion?

-  We do not warranty against water on any watch. No, not even your dive watch that says it is water resistant to 6 bazillion meters. Not even if you ask why not; not even if you tell us it has never, ever leaked ever in the 23 years you have owned it; not even if you say please. While we are physically unable to stop you from wearing your watch to the bottom of the Mariana Trench or even into the shower, we do gently suggest you take your watch off before doing so. On the upside, if you do take your watch down to the abyssal depths, you're probably not coming back to complain.

Do you fix clocks, music boxes, or whirligigs?

- There are enough problems in the world without us adding to them by breaking your clock (music box/whirligig) in an attempt to fix it. Please visit your local clockmaker/whirligig artist to have these things taken care of.

How much will my repair cost?

- Please take a look at our "Services" page, listed in the menu above, which outlines a base rate for most services. All base rates are the minimum amount of money you're going to need to throw our way for a repair. If your watch needs more extensive repairs or needs parts, the cost will go up from the base rate, but you're going to need to bring that puppy in for a look-see in order for us to tell you what that final number will be.   Don't be nervous about coming to see us...we're very friendly, or at least friendly enough.

How long will my mechanical repair take?

- We've all been told innumerable times patience is a virtue. With that virtue in mind, the typical time-frame for a mechanical repair is between 9 months and... longer than 9 months at this point, January 2023. It may take longer, if parts are needed and those parts are not readily available.

Can I pay more to get my mechanical watch done faster?

- There is no amount of money that will make up for the inevitable heartache of a rush job. If you are having a watch emergency, please dial 911 to be directed to the appropriate emergency department.


Is my watch done yet?

- If you have not heard from us, then your watch is probably not done. There are occasions when we simply have not had an opportunity to contact you, but those times are few and far between. So please, refer to the above FAQ about the time-frame of a watch repair and eagerly - but not anxiously - await our call. We can absolutely promise we have not forgotten about your watch/sold it/burned the building down in a fit of pique. If you must contact us to inquire about the status of your repair, please click on the icon below to be directed to the "Contact Us" page.






My watch is making this noise (chugga chugga CLINK), can you give me a rough idea of the issue and the cost over the phone or in response to my email?

- ...No. Please bring your watch in for a free estimate, which we can generally do while you wait.

My watch is running fine, but it is 67 years old and has never been serviced. Do I really need a full overhaul?

- ...Yes. Think of it like this: your watch is a little machine, and even the littlest machines need maintenance to keep on truckin'. Conversely,  you can wait until it stops running, bring it in, and then we'll have a grand old time talking about how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But you do you, boo.

Can you tell me about my watch? I don't need a repair, just information.

- While we do appreciate watches very much, and are happy to talk about them at length when given the opportunity, we've been reminded by The Captain there must be a limit. So, with that in mind, we can look at a watch and give you a rough idea of when it was made based on it's appearance; this quick look is free! If you want the watch opened and researched, that's gonna cost ya. Research rates start at $10 for a serial number look-up on the movement, and go up from there depending on how much information you are looking for.

Can you tell me how much my watch is worth?

- We'd be happy to look at your watch and give you a rough idea of the price you could expect to get on a global forum such as Ebay. We do not offer written appraisals.

Is my watch worth fixing?

- We will never tell you your watch is not worth fixing, as there is monetary value and there is personal, sentimental value, and it is always worth every penny to us. We will let you know if you could expect to make your money back on the sale of your timepiece, should you choose to sell it after the repair.

I live in Alaska/Chicago/Eden Prairie. Can I mail you my watch for a repair?

- Please do not mail your watch to us. On top of the issues of safety for your timepiece (the world is an imperfect place and things get damaged in transit) we are absolutely terrible about opening our mail, which leads to frustration and anger and sometimes even irritability. We would encourage you to find a repair place nearer to you, ship it to a repair facility that has the ability to open your package in a timely manner, or better yet, take a road trip out to see us in person!

Do you consign or buy watches?

- We do not buy or consign individual pieces, although we do buy watchmakers' estates for the right price.

I want to build a watch/take apart great-grandad's railroad pocket watch! How do I start?

- Take a look at our Hobbyist Info page for hints on how to build a watch and embark on the wondrous journey that is watch tinkering. Put down the tweezers and take a look at our Services page to find out how to get great-grandad's railroad pocket watch taken care of.

How did you get into watch repair?

- We wandered in one day and now we're not allowed to leave. That's upsetting, but on the other hand it's inside work with no heavy lifting, so the situation could be worse.

How do you stay in business? Isn't everyone just looking at their phone now?

- Frankly, it's a mystery to us as well, but it keeps us off the streets and gives us something to do.

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