Do you change batteries, sell watch bands, and/or repair watches?

- Yes, yes, and when the stars are aligned.

Do I need to make an appointment, or can I just come in?

- No appointment is necessary, just waltz on in and we will take care of your watch needs.

Can I wait for my battery change, or do I have to come back later?

- We've had someone time us at 20 seconds for a watch battery change; it may take longer, but probably not more than 10 minutes. We do have some chairs you can sit in while you wait, and we've been told they're comfy.

How long will my mechanical repair take?

- We've all been told innumerable times patience is a virtue. With that virtue in mind, the typical time-frame for a mechanical repair is between 12 to 24 weeks (3-6 months) at this point, November 2020. It may take longer, if parts are needed and those parts are not readily available. If you have a mechanical watch emergency, please let us know that, as any time frame is able to be accommodated for the right amount of money.


Can you tell me how much my watch is worth?

- We'd be happy to look at your watch and give you a rough idea of the price you could expect to get on a global forum such as Ebay. We do not offer written appraisals.

Is my watch worth fixing?

- We will never tell you your watch is not worth fixing, as there is monetary value and there is personal, sentimental value. We will let you know if you could expect to make your money back on the sale of your timepiece, should you choose to sell it after the repair.

Have you heard of "XXX" brand? What do you think of them?

- Due to the proliferation of micro- and fashion-branded watches, there are many we have not heard of. But! We love to learn about new watches and we REALLY love to talk about watches with people who have a passion for them. If there is a brand you are interested in, let us know, and we will find out what we can and get back to you!

Do you consign or buy watches?

- We do not buy or consign individual pieces, although we do buy estates for the right price.

My watch is making this noise (chugga chugga CLINK), can you give me a rough idea of the issue and the cost over the phone?

- ...No. Please bring your watch in for a free estimate, which we can generally do while you wait.

I live in Alaska/Chicago/Eden Prairie. Can I mail you my watch for a repair?

- We do not return ship vintage or antique watches, and we would encourage you to find a repair place nearer to you, or take a road trip out to see us in person! Mailing takes a lot of time, which we feel is better spend fixing watches than prepping them for a Pony Express ride.

How do you stay in business? Isn't everyone just looking at their phone now?

- Frankly, it's a mystery to us as well, but it keeps us off the streets and gives us something to do.

We'll add more pieces later, but our prose is wearing out.

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