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Mechanical Watch Repairs

Repairs included in the base rate are the overhaul (cleaning, oiling and adjusting of the watch movement) and the cleaning and polishing of the case. Parts are not included in the base rate. There is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on all mechanical repairs. The deposit is due at the time of take-in, and will go towards the final cost of the repairs.

  • Pocket watch services start at $125 for an overhaul and case work. Please be aware that as pocket watches are generally antiques, they may take longer to service than a more modern watch. If parts are needed for your pocket watch to work, we may need up to double the time for a pocket watch as opposed to a more modern piece.

  • Mechanical (manual wind) watch services start at $150 for an overhaul, which includes the overhaul as well as cleaning and polishing the case.

  • Automatic watches (non-premium brands) have a base rate of $200 for the overhaul and case work.


  • Premium brand automatic watches have a base rate of $300 for the overhaul and case work. Premium brands include (but, naturally, are not limited to) Omega, Tag Heuer, Movado, Ebel.


  • Chronograph watches have a base rate of $350 for the overhaul and case work.


  • Rolex watch service starts at $450, which includes the overhaul, case cleaning and polishing, and replacing the mainspring. We typically use Swiss parts made for Rolex, but the parts are not branded "Rolex". If you would like us to use genuine Rolex parts, we will, however the price will go up exponentially as Rolex parts have a much higher cost. Frankly, please don't get us started on Rolex trade practices as life is short and who wants an angry watchmaker?

  • Replica watch services include band shortening and that's it, really. Back when we were much younger and hungrier we would grit our teeth and try to service replica watches. Sadly, our teeth eventually ground themselves down to wee nubbins because replicas are just that frustrating to work on. So while we can (usually) shorten a band, we do not ever service the movements on replica watches...even if they say they are "Swiss Made." Look, we know they're cheaper than the real thing (what isn't?) and sometimes the cases are really good! But from a mechanical standpoint, the movements inside are almost always rubbish.

  • Warranty information:We warranty our labor on mechanical repairs for 1 year*. If your watch fails during that year, please bring it back to us**; there is no additional charge for labor if the issues are due to our ham-fisted repairs! However, if your watch has suffered damage at your hands (if your dog digested it, or your child smashed with a hammer, or your grandma gummed it after eating one of her "special" candies) we can't cover that. Our warranty does not cover additional work or parts that were not addressed at the time of the initial repair; precognition is not a service we are offering at this point (but we might later?), and things do break even after our tender ministrations. We want you to be happy, and we will do everything we reasonably can to get your watch into good shape.

* There are no refunds on completed repairs unless the watch  is deemed unrepairable by our watchmaker. Refunds will be less any parts installed for the repair, as well as the initial deposit on the repair to cover the minimum labor charge.

**Yes, you have to bring it back in to the shop; we literally can do nothing over the phone or email to resolve mechanical issues.

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