Services we offer:

We offer a broad range of services to help you keep your watch looking and running its best. The following is just a sample of the services we offer, so if you have a need you do not see addressed, please feel free to contact us!

Basic services:

Battery replacement - $10-$30*

Seiko Kinetic power cell replacement - $35

Citizen Eco-Drive power cell replacement - $45

Crystal replacement - $25-$75

Regulation of mechanical watch - $45**

Estimates on all services are free

*we do not offer water testing or guarantee water resistance on any watch, regardless of services performed or type of watch.

**there is no warranty on timekeeping if a full service is not done on your watch


Quartz watch repairs:


Movement replacement - $60 labor fee plus the cost of the movement. This service includes a case cleaning and polish. We generally do not recommend overhauls on quartz watches. It is usually cheaper, faster, and more feasible to replace the movement than it is to service the original. For quartz watches made prior to about 1985, there may be no modern movement that will fit your watch case. At the point where repair is not feasible, it is best to give the watch an honorable send-off (we might suggest setting it out to sail on an ice floe or a funeral pyre in the back yard) for its years of service.

We do not service Accutron movements. We can replace a battery in an Accutron, however, we use a modern battery which may cause the watch to perform less than optimally.


Seiko (or other brand**) Modding:

These prices are for labor only, using parts you provide.* We can provide parts if you know what you want. We are also able to consult on watch design, if you are stuck. Take a look at our "custom" page for inspiration.

Bezel insert or bezel mod  - $25 for the first mod, $10 for additional mods

Dial or hands mod - $35 for the first mod, $10 for additional mods

Crystal or chapter ring mod - $35 for the first mod, $10 for additional mods

Stem and crown mod - $25

Case swap or movement upgrade/swap with case clean and polish- $50

*PLEASE make sure your parts are correct for your watch, as the labor rate will be charged regardless of whether or not the parts you provide are able to be installed, or if you do not like the resulting effects. We will reassemble your watch to the original condition if possible for an additional fee, to be determined at the time of service.

** Please be aware that Seiko homage watches (Proxima, Steeldive, San Martin, etc.) may not work with Seiko mod pieces. There may be no difference from the outside, but please trust us when we say there are differences on the inside, or as Hemingway once wrote, "A Seiko-shaped case does not a Seiko make. And so the fish pulled the old man further out into the sea."

Rolex or other high-end brand watches can be modded, but will be at a higher cost.


Sometimes these mods can be done while you wait, depending on the general level of chaos in the store at the time you come in. 

Mechanical watch repairs:

Repairs included in the base rate are the overhaul (cleaning, oiling and adjusting of the watch movement) and the cleaning and polishing of the case. Parts are not included in the base rate.

Pocket watch services start at $125 for an overhaul and case work. Please be aware that as pocket watches are generally antiques, they may take longer to service than a more modern watch. If parts are needed for your pocket watch to work, we may need up to double the time for a pocket watch as opposed to a more modern piece.


Mechanical (manual wind) watch services start at $150 for an overhaul, which includes the overhaul as well as cleaning and polishing the case.


Automatic watches (non-premium brands) have a base rate of $200 for the overhaul and case work.


Premium brand automatic watches have a base rate of $300 for the overhaul and case work. Premium brands include (but, naturally, are not limited to) Omega, Tag Heuer, Movado, Ebel.

Chronograph watches have a base rate of $350 for the overhaul and case work.

Rolex service starts at $450, which includes the overhaul, case cleaning and polishing, and replacing the mainspring. We typically use Swiss parts made for Rolex, but the parts are not branded "Rolex". If you would like us to use genuine Rolex parts, we will, however the price will go up exponentially as Rolex parts have a much higher cost. Frankly, please don't get us started on Rolex trade practices as life is short and who wants an angry watchmaker?

Replica watch services include band shortening and that's it, really. Back when we were much younger and hungrier we would grit our teeth and try to service replica watches. Sadly, our teeth eventually ground themselves down to wee nubbins because replicas are just that frustrating to work on. So while we can (usually) shorten a band, we do not ever service the movements on replica watches...even if they say they are "Swiss Made." Look, we know they're cheaper than the real thing (what isn't?) and sometimes the cases are really good! But from a mechanical standpoint, the movements inside are almost always rubbish.