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Modding for Seiko
(or other brand**)

These prices are for labor only, using parts you provide.* We can provide parts if you know what you want. We are also able to consult on watch design, if you are not sure what you want, or take a look at our "custom" page for inspiration.

Basic mods

  • Bezel insert or bezel mod  - $25 for the first mod, $10 for additional mods

  • Dial or hands mod - $35 for the first mod, $10 for additional mods

  • Crystal or chapter ring mod - $35 for the first mod, $10 for additional mods

  • Stem and crown mod - $25

  • Case swap or movement upgrade/swap with case clean and polish- $50

  • Full build (can include a variety or all of the above) - $100-125 (not including parts.)


Advanced mods and design work

  • Standard color (pre-mixed) Cerakote case and/or bezel  - $50-$75

  • Custom color (mixed in-house) Cerakote case and/or bezel with custom color - $75-100

  • Bead or sandblast case, bezel, or bezel insert- $35-50

  • Adding/changing luminous on hands - $50

  • Custom watch package (we supply the parts and build it with your input) - Parts plus $100 and up for labor

  • Design a custom watch for you (we provide the parts, labor, and design) - $250 and up (including parts)

Other mods

  • Rolex or other high-end brand watches can be modded, but will be at a higher cost.


*PLEASE make sure your parts are correct and of good quality for your watch, as the labor rate will be charged regardless of whether or not the parts you provide are able to be installed, or if you do not like the resulting effects. We will reassemble your watch to the original condition if possible for an additional fee, to be determined at the time of service.

** Please be aware that Seiko homage watches (Proxima, Steeldive, San Martin, etc.) may not work with Seiko mod pieces. There may be no difference from the outside, but please trust us when we say there are differences on the inside, or as Hemingway once wrote, "A Seiko-shaped case does not a Seiko make. And so the watch pulled the old man further out into the sea."

Sometimes these mods can be done while you wait, depending on the general level of chaos in the store at the time you come in. 

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