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Below are some of the custom mods and one-of-a-kind pieces we've worked on for our clients. We're pretty happy with most of them, and not displeased with others. All mods are done in-house, and we would be thrilled to help you design your dream watch.

The "Ice Cream, Summer is Awesome" watch. SOLD

Heat treated case, copper-plated movement, and heat-blued screws. The dial is from an antique Waltham 14s, modified for a modern piece.


"I took my sub-par submersible to look at the Titanic, and all I got was this watch." Custom patina on case, dial and markers; hand-painted hands.

Sakura dial from AliExpress, SKX case, and a crown from CrystalTimes.


"Urban Safari" with Cerakote case, crown and bezel.

Possibly a portal for evil, possibly just a vaguely creepy watch. Cerakote case, sandblasted bezel and insert, custom dial. Don't look directly at it. SOLD

The "My dad let me watch Jaws way too early" watch. Hand-carved and plated dial, plated case. Wee shark on seconds hand.


Side view, showing the texturing effects of our trusty Dremel.


Woodland-inspired creativity for the win! Hand-carved and plated dial, enameled case.

Just your basic world map dial, showing the Most Important Country* in bold multi-colored foil over 3d epoxy. 34mm case. SOLD

*obviously not actually the Most Important Country as there's barely even a hint of Australia.

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