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Quartz/Battery operated watch repairs

  • Battery replacement: $10-$30, and can typically be done while you wait!

  • Band repairs or removing links: $5 and up, and can typically be done while you wait!

  • Movement replacement* - Cost of the movement, plus $60 labor. Includes a case cleaning and polish. This service typically takes 1 to 2 weeks, based on parts availability.

*We generally do not recommend overhauls on quartz watches. It is usually cheaper, faster, and more feasible to replace the movement than it is to service the original. For quartz watches made prior to about 1985, there may be no modern movement that will fit your watch case. At the point where repair is not feasible, it is best to give the watch an honorable send-off (we might suggest setting it out to sail on an ice floe or a funeral pyre in the back yard) for its years of service.

We do not service Accutron, Hamilton Electric, Timex Dynabeat or other hybrid vintage movements. We can replace a battery in any of them however, we use a modern battery which may cause the watch to perform less than optimally.

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