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Notice to buyers: the watches on this page are for sale, of course, however most need to be serviced to provide accurate timekeeping. Some pieces need more work than others, and their prices will reflect that. We would be happy to service the piece of your choice, or you can purchase it as-is for a lower cost and have it serviced elsewhere, although frankly we can't imagine why you would do that.


LeCoultre automatic, caliber P812, in all stainless steel.  Beautifuly patina'd dial; this classic timepiece needs a full servicing, and then it should run like... well, like a Swiss watch.

$400 as-is, $650 with a full service and warranted for 1 year.

Rockford key-wind pocket watch, circa 1876. Coin silver case and heavy as sin. This ain't your great-granddaddy's pocket watch...or maybe it is.

Price available upon request, but don't be shy.


Movado 12 size pocket watch, 18k solid gold case. This is for that special someone who needs to tell time with a signature piece, someone who will expect you to comment on their fine taste. And you will comment, because this thing is lovely.

$850 as-is, or $975 serviced and warranted for 1 year.


Bulova automatic, caliber 11ALAC, wearing a rose-tone gold plated case.  Uniquely textured dial; this 1965 timepiece needs a full servicing, a new stem and a new crown. After  that, it will purr just like your '65 'Stang, and in addition to getting much better gas mileage, you won't have to fight your spouse for garage space if you pick this up.



Illinois Sangamo Special. There are few certainties about the afterlife, but if there is a heaven, it will be filled with art nouveau flourishes such as the ones decorating the crown guard on this piece. 



Don't just be a Sea a Sea Lord!

Benrus automatic in a stainless steel tonneau case.

Available for $150 as-is, or serviced and ready to make you the Captain of your destiny for $300!


Such style! Such grace! Such radium hands and markers! While we do not encourage you to ingest this watch, you should be fine with wearing this stunning piece from 1928. And what is life without a soupçon of danger?



This Hamilton tank from the 1940s needs a few tweaks to get it to run, but once it does...look out! You'll be fighting them off with a stick if you've got this on your wrist! Which we do not endorse, as sticks are dangerous!

$250 as-is, or $450 serviced and warranted for one year.


Now we're gonna lay some funk on ya with this bad mother from 1976. Original bracelet and a honeycomb dial pair very well with your high-waisted Sansabelts and platform shoes. 


$250 as-is, $400 serviced and with a 1 year warranty. Can you dig it? We knew that you could.



Ab-so-lutely gorgeous Hamilton manual wind in a 14k case. A presentation watch from the 1960s, when a company knew how to treat its employees. Well, as long as you were a man.

$800 as-is, or $950 serviced and warranted for one year.



Is it DiantUs?  DiantVs? Who's to say? What we do know for certain is that this little mechanical wind has a really nice blue dial. Or is it a bleu dial? Anyway, it's for sale, and it'd be great if someone would buy it.

$75 as-is, or $200 serviced and warranted for a whole year!



Omega bumper wind automatic in an 18k case. Patina on the dial shows some age marks, but it's illegal to put Botox in a watch. True story.

$950 as-is, $1250 serviced and with a 1 year warranty.



Did you know Elgin, Illinois was named after the Scottish song "Hymn of Elgin"? Roughly translated, it means, "song sung in church about Elgin," and we may have made up that last bit. The first part is completely true.


Circa 1932 in a hand-enameled case. $150 as-is, $275 serviced and warranted for 1 year. Also true.





This wee Movado may very well have been a nurse's watch back in the day before Fitbits, Apple watches, and other travesties of the modern age. It may even still have blood on it*!

$350 as-is, or $500 serviced and warranted for one year.

*probably not, though.




Oh Richard, you cad! From the moment we laid eyes on your patina, we knew we had to make you ours. But if you love something, set it free; and if you can make a bit of money off the deal, then that's even better. Because money may not buy happiness, but we're willing to give it a try.

$350 as-is, $525 serviced and warranted for one year.



Not for sale, although that is occasionally tempting.

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